Budget Hotels in Varkala Beach Kerala on North cliff @40%off


The Best Budget Hotels in Varkala Beach Kerala by the North Cliff


Varkala Hotels: Vedanta Wake Up! - Helipad North Cliff

The beautiful coastal town of Varkala is situated in Thiruvanthapuram district in Kerala. It is the only place in Southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. If you’re looking for the best budget hotels in Varkala, Vedanta Wake Up! is surely something worth writing home about. Amongst all other Varkala hotels, we stand out for many a reason. Situated on the sunny cliffs, our property at Varkala is an exclusive one with beautifully landscaped gardens to boast of. It is walking distance from the golden sands of Helipad, Papanasam and Black beach. Guests have a unique option here – to truly feel the earth by staying at one of our wonderfully hand crafted organic bamboo huts, which is our rendition of the bamboo village in Varkala. And in keeping with every Vedanta Wake Up! hotel, we have our share of distinct offerings here too. Our experienced staffs go out of their way to ensure guests see more than just the regular side of Varkala. They organise and help plan trips where explorers can truly feel and be one with the spirit of the land. Our common lounge is always abuzz with sounds and stories from across the world. It is a melting pot of cultures you could say. Our efficient housekeeping department ensures absolute cleanliness, be it in the day or night. At Vedanta Wake Up!, we do all it takes to ensure you don’t witness this beautiful town as just another tourist. We’re more than happy to help discover and unwrap its hidden secrets.

Beaches Near The Hotel - Varkala

The varkala is beach is just 5 Mins down the hotel. All you need to do is climb down the stairs from the north helipad which is where our hotel is located. The other famous beaches like Aaliyirakkm Beach & Kappil Beach are just 10 - 15 minutes away. While Gloria Beach is 20 Kms away.

Tourist Places Near Our Varkala Hotel

Varkala is haven for tourists from all over the world. As we are located right on the north cliff there are plenty of tourist places near to our hotel. Water Sports during the main season is carried out on the beaches. Places like the Janardanaswamy Temple, Sivagiri Mutt Temple, Palakkavu Bhagavathi Temple & Arivalam Beach Park are 5 - 15 mins away from the hotel.

Other Places to Visit in Varkala

The other places you must visit are the famous Keralan restaurants in the vicinity. Tourist attractions like Ponnumthuruthu Island, Vishnu Temple, Anchuthengu Light House & the Anjengo Fort which are in 12 Km radius of the hotel. The famous Varkala tunnel is just 10 minutes away from the hotel.

Bus Stands Near the Hotel - Varkala

The Bunglow Mukku Bus Stop is 5 mins walking from our hotel. While the Temple Junction Bus Stop is just a Km away & the Varkala Bus Stand is 8 minutes away from the hotel.

Railway Stations Near the Hotel - Varkala

The nearest railway station to the hotel is the Varkala Train Station & the Edava Railway Station which are 8 minutes away. Kappil Railway Station & Akathumuri Railway Station are 20 minutes away from the hotel.

Airports Near the Hotel - Varkala

The nearest aiport to the hotel is the Trivandrum/Thiruvanthapuram Airport which is 40 Kms and a 1 Hour drive to the hotel. Pre-paid taxis are available from the airport to Varkala or you can also book a pick up or drop service from our addons menu while booking for your rooms.

Varkala Beach the Cleanser

The summers starts from March and ends in May, The maximum temperature during the summer is 31 °C. Varkala has a heavy rainds from june to August 7 the winter starts from december and continues upto Feburary. The average high temperature Around the year is 31 °C to 28 °C & the average low temperature is 22 °C to 25 °C. The best time to visit varkala is during the main winter season. Tourists flock this destination majorly during the start of September and continues the same till March. The Peak season starts from November and last uptill Feburary. During these times hotels are full to the brim and getting a last minute stay in a good hotel is difficult. Being a beach destination you will find travelers during the off peak season as well, Tourists come to this destination for a summer vacation to have dip in the cool waters of the beaches here or come to have a relaxed & soothing getaway during the rainy season. During the rainy season as our hotel is located at the cliff. You can just sit in the garden and sip onto some hot chocolate & enjoy the quaint atmosphere of this destination.