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Lease us your property

If you have an existing hotel property or guest-house and would like to lease out the property to a professional hospitality company on a long-term lease, then Vedanta Wake up! can pay you a handsome monthly rent for your property.

Benefits of Leasing your property to Vedanta Wake up!:

global-visibility Global visibility
By associating with our brand “Vedanta Wake up!”, the property will instantly have its presence on the global map with our strong online distribution channels such as our own Company website and partner travel portals
Long-term Long-term guaranteed and on-time cash flow for the owner
Since the lease is done on a long-term basis, the property owner is guaranteed a stable and timely payment of rent for a long-time and hence does not have to face the hassles of lease renewals and associated brokerage every year
Maintenance-and-upkeepMaintenance and upkeep will boost property valuation
Vedanta Wake up! is committed to maintaining its brand standards across all its properties. The Company spends a significant amount of money every year for upgrading and maintaining the property, hence resulting in an increased valuation for the owner’s property
Professional Professional management
As a hotel brand, we have robust operational systems and processes which have been tried and tested over time. We also have qualified personnel at every property. Because of these factors, the property will be managed in the most efficient manner, due to which, the long-term goodwill of the property will significantly increase. The property owner will eventually benefit with increased valuation of the property .