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The Best Hostels in India From Varkala to Varanasi
July 4, 2016
Flit in and out of sleep on a hammock in the shade of coconut trees at Vedanta Wake Up!’s property in seaside Varkala. The hostel, set amidst a modest landscaped garden, sits on North Cliff, a stone’s throw away from breathtaking beach views and the main street, lined with cafes. Accommodation includes basic dorm rooms, double rooms, and bamboo huts for two.

Budget Trip: 5 Fun Hostels To Stay In
May 27, 2016
Vedanta Wake-up should be on your list if you are visiting South India. Offering accommodations across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, you get a lot more than just bed and lodging here. Filled with local books and even traditional musical instruments, the place aims to give you an idea of the history of the city you are visiting. You can also sign up for their various activities like bar crawls, yoga cycle tours and barbeque nights to get a local tour of the place.

Inspired by a backpacking trip in Australia, these Deloitte analysts start a chain of hostels in India
April 8, 2016
Finding a budget hotel for a short stay at any part of the world isn’t much of a challenge anymore, thanks to the different budget hotel aggregators and players in the market today. However, what if you happen to be backpacking? The best bet then would be to choose a hostel. While there are hostels in famous backpacking destinations like Europe and Australia, India too has a growing number of hostels to cater to backpackers and budget travellers, like Zostel, YHAI, International Traveler’s Hostel and Moustache Hostel, among others.

AccorHotels to run Blue Rock’s Dwarka property under Mercure brand
December 18, 2015
MUMBAI: Mumbai-based Blue Rock Hospitality Ventures has inked an agreement to manage a 100-key hotel in Dwarka under French hospitality firm AccorHotels' midscale brand Mercure.
"Every hotel chain is looking for an entry into the religious destinations and industrial hubs which lack good quality hotel rooms," said Rishabh Gupta, director, Blue Rock Hospitality Ventures.
Religious purposes account for 70% of total domestic tourist movement tourists within the country, according to industry estimates. Religious destinations have seen close to 25% year on year growth in tourist numbers. Moreover, 98% of hotels in religious destinations are unbranded, offering potential for branded hotel chains.

Vedanta Wake Up! Gets Ashish Bhatia to drive acquisitions
November 20, 2015
AHMEDABAD: Vedanta Wake Up!, a chain of budget hotels headquartered in Mumbai has roped in Ashish Bhatia to drive acquisitions.
The budget hotel brand inaugurated multiple new properties in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and Bhatia would now head acquisitions as the brand steps up an aggressive expansion strategy for a pan-India foortprint. Bhatia headed acquisitions and operations at Galaxy EntertainmentBSE 0.00 %, a publicly traded subsidiary of Future Group.
"Ashish Bhatia will lead the acquisition strategy of the company as we emerge from a phase of consolidation to entering a phase of expansion across multiple states. His experience of working at leading consumer companies such as Taj and Future Group will be invaluable as we mature from being an early stage venture to a profitable, high growth business," said Rishabh Gupta, Co-Founder, Vedanta Wake Up!

Heralding the era of social hostels
Oct 15, 2015
In developed countries across the world, quality hostels are an excellent accommodation option for backpackers and other travellers. While India is yet to see the segment emerge, pioneering efforts are being made by Blanket Hospitality Ventures (BHV), under its brand Vedanta Wake up! to provide quality budget accommodation and more. “Dorm beds are a very acceptable way of accommodation in the West – there is a lot of socialising, meeting people and making friends, sharing experiences and ideas. We realised that this kind of accommodation does not exist in India, there are the dharamshalas and YMCAs but are at a low end of the spectrum. It is not for discerning travellers,” said Rishabh Gupta, founder, BHV.

Vedanta Wake Up seeks to raise Rs. 25-30 crore
July 8, 2015
Blanket Hospitality Ventures Pvt Ltd (BHV), is a chain of hostels, currently operating 6 properties under the brand ‘Vedanta Wake up!’ founded in 2011 by Rishabh Gupta and Aadil Muscatwala. The seeds of introducing this concept of organised hostelling in India were sown during a trip to Australia in 2009. The trip lasted over two months and exposed them to the experience of hostelling. Since then they have backpacked extensively and have incorporated their experience and learnings in Blanket Hospitality Venture.

Hostel Chain Vedanta Wake Up Plans Funding
July 3, 2015
Mumbai based chain of hostels Vedanta Wake Up, is planning to raise R250 Mn in a fresh round of funding.

Founded in 2011 by Aadil Muscatwala and Rishabh Gupta, Blanket Hospitality Ventures Pvt Ltd is a chain of hostels, currently operating 6 properties under the brand ‘Vedanta Wake up.’ It is a budget hotel in Kochi that offers standard lodging and amenities to guests. The property has two types of rooms, namely Deluxe Double Room AC, and Deluxe 6-Bed Dorm AC. For the convenience of guests, amenities like LCD TV, security locker and coffee table are offered in all rooms.

Introducing hostels as an extension of budget hospitality has been phenomenal
July 1, 2015
From one ‘Social Hotel’, Hostel, in Fort Kochi in Kerala in 2011, Vedanta Wake up! currently has presence in six locations and aspires to expand their brand presence to 100 locations in next three years. Rishabh Gupta, Founder, BHV shares the concept and vision behind the venture with HOSPITALITY BIZ…

Backpacking hotel chain Vedanta Wake Up! to redefine budget travel segment in India
May 4, 2015
Vedanta Wake Up! – part of Blanket Hospitality Venture, is a chain of luxury backpacking hotel across India. The venture was launched in 2011 by two childhood friends – Aadil Muscatwala and Rishabh Gupta, to target the fast growing budget travel segment in India. The firm addresses the primary concerns of several budget travellers, both Indian and overseas. This segment has been largely ignored by entrepreneurs, investors and corporate and has a large number of unorganized players.

Vedanta Wake Up plans 100 hotels, eyes Rs 50 crore in venture capital funding
April 30, 2015
Blanket Hospitality Ventures is planning to have 100 properties under its backpacking hostels brand, Vedanta Wake Up, in the next three years across India.

"Today, we have six properties in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We are aiming to expand to 100 properties across the country in three years," company's founder Aadil Muscatwala told PTI here.

Vedanta Wake Up plans 100 hotels, eyes Rs 50 cr in VC funding
April 30, 2015
Blanket Hospitality Ventures is planning to have 100 properties under its backpacking hostels brand, Vedanta Wake Up, in the next three years across India.

"Today, we have six properties in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We are aiming to expand to 100 properties across the country in three years," company's founder Aadil Muscatwala told PTI here.

Backpacking hostels are the new thing in hospitality
April 7, 2015
When Rishabh Gupta and his friend Aadil Muscatwala went backpacking in Australia, they ended up sharing rooms with strangers in hostels across the country.

This sparked the idea of starting a similar model in India. In 2011, they quit high-paying jobs at Merrill Lynch and Deloitte Consulting and with a seed capital of ₹50 lakh, launched the ‘Vedanta Wake Up’ hostel in Kerala.

Backpacker hostels in expansion mode scout for funding opportunities
April 7, 2015
When Rishabh Gupta and his friend Aadil Muscatwala decided to go backpacking in Australia, sharing rooms with strangers in several hostels across the continent sparked the idea of a similar concept in India.

In 2011 with a seed capital of Rs 50 lakhs from their savings, they launched the first set of 'Vedanta Wake Up’ hostels in Kerala after quitting their high paying jobs from places such as Merrill Lynch and Deloitte Consulting.

Guide to Backpacker Hostels in India
March 6, 2015
Staying in a dorm room at hostel is a popular choice for backpackers in many locations throughout the world. However, unfortunately, the number of backpacker hostels in India is limited as the concept has been slow to catch on.

Up until recently, Hostelling International in conjunction with the Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI) was the only real backpacker hostel chain in India. This is starting to change though. Let's take a look the current hostel options for backpackers in India.

The 10 nicest hostels Asia
September 22, 2014
Traveling in Asia is always an unforgettable experience, not only for the amazing places that you can discover in every country, but also, and above all, for the adventures that await all travelers curious and enterprising!
Leave on a tour of a continent full of charm and surprises, all living in his great hostels. Real universes in which you mix local culture and international spirit, of relaxation, hospitality and entertainment. Choose your favorites and get ready for adventure!

No-frills hostels come of age in India
March 20, 2014
In the movie Queen, Kangana Ranaut lands up at a backpackers hostel in Amsterdam and finds that she is booked in a dorm that she has to share with three men. Ranaut goes into a tizzy, choosing instead to spend the night in the hallway. But by the end of the movie, she has traveled with these men, cooked with them, gone to rock shows, and its this friendship that eventually helps her find herself.

The reason that Ranauts character flipped at the thought of bunk beds and shared showers is because communal living has never been a part of travel plans for Indians. But with the European-style hip hostel coming to India, an increasing number of travelers dont mind giving up some creature comforts for lodgings with a happy vibe and boho-chic interiors.

Wake up to new concept of travelling!
December 16, 2013
MUMBAI: Two friends did a backpacking trip to Australia for fun in 2009. They did that with a measly budget of $20 a night for two months. When they ventured on their trip, they did not realize that they could get comfort, cleanliness and amenities available at that price and the kind of demand backpacking hostels had overseas. Moreover, they found that the energy and the charged atmosphere at the hostels that they stayed at was addictive.

Turning into an entrepreneur? Five business models you should consider
Jun 10, 2013
A partnership deed can also list the terms and conditions under which the partners will work, the amount of capital to be contributed by each partner, how much they will earn from the business, and so on. You should make sure that the deed is signed by all partners to avoid trouble in the future. Though registration is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you register the firm.

Money-Making Venture: 'Vedanta Wake Up' raising bar of budget hotels in the country
Jan 9, 2012
The fact that tourism in India is on an uptick is old news. What's new is the interest in the no-frills segment. In the past couple of years, the hospitality business has finally woken up to the lucre in budget hotels not only due to the high-demand, low-supply situation, but also because they turn profitable faster than a four- or five-star hotel. In fact, a 2011 report by consulting and research firm HVS states that budget hotels are likely to grow at about 50% in the next four years.

Get the up-to-date press releases, articles, presentations on Vedanta Wake up! Also, see interviews of hotelier Aadil Muscatwala & Rishabh Gupta that talk about their backpacking experience and hosteling in India. Investor community including private equity, funds are beginning to see great valuations in hostel industry and are several hostel chains in the West are looking at fundraising and successful IPOs