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Vedanta Wake Up! Hotels in Tamil Nadu

In comparison to other Tamil Nadu Hotels, we’re delighted to say we’re a class apart. And no, we’re not ones to be happy about just that. We yearn every moment to give our guests newer experiences to go back home with. At Vedanta Wake Up! it is our endeavour to help our guests with more than what a normal tourist experiences. We encourage explorers who are open to soak in the culture and environment. And for this we go many an extra mile – be it through guided tours, or events organised within our premises. Each of our properties across Tamil Nadu will give you something unique, that’ll help you develop a deeper connect with the land.

Tamil Nadu Explained Better

Natural resources, classical arts, classical music, classical literature and lot more is what Tamil Nadu is all about. Hindu temples of Dravidian architecture. Hill stations. Beaches. Multi-religious pilgrimage sites. Eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tamil Nadu is a melting pot of experiences. And, at Vedanta Wake Up! we’re proud to be popularly chosen as being a part of the best hotels in Tamil Nadu. The convenient locations of most of our properties are just an added advantage to being on the priority list of a lot of travellers. Our Tamil Nadu properties get a lot of varied guests – those on spiritual pilgrimages, to backpackers, to those travelling for work related purposes. And over time, we have been efficient in serving each of them well, and catering to their varied requirements.