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We Can Manage Your Property

If you have an existing hotel property and are looking for a professional hospitality brand to manage or operate your property, then Vedanta Wake up! can manage it on your behalf.

Benefits of Management Contract with Vedanta Wake up!

General General 
As an award winning brand and a professional hotel operator/manager, we work with hotel owners via a Management Contract / Operator Agreement on either fee-basis or on Revenue-share basis.  
Optimizing the Property 
When we take on a property we make initial property visits during which our goal is to gain a complete understanding of the physical facilities and condition of the property, the market environment, operating procedures, and existing management personnel. From this point, we are able to formulate and begin to implement the changes that will be necessary to operate the hotel more efficiently and maximize revenues  
Increased-SalesIncreased Sales 
The Property will enjoy the benefits of increased revenues through a deeper sales distribution network and access to pre-existing sales channels and marketing platforms  
Reduced Expenses 
In addition to maximizing revenues, we will also reduce operational expenses by way of our professional approach to management. We have robust operational systems and processes which have been tried and tested over time
Increased SalesIncreased Sales Future Business Planning 
Proper planning and information is required for a hotel to best reach its operating potential. We see to it that a Business Plan is prepared annually for each hotel that we manage. The plan includes details on the hotel's market, capital improvement needs, and operating history. The preparation of the plan involves the use of activity calendars for planning and future monitoring. The information provided will work to support the hotel's marketing plan and operating budget
PropertyProperty Maintenance & Monitoring 
We maintain high standards to maintain the properties under our management. Our quality control processes also includes regular visits by anonymous shoppers who use report formats tied to our operating standards. This allows us to see our hotels through a customer experience.   
Reports / MIS 
We provide periodic reports to owners depending on their needs. Our accounting system allows owners to view financial data at regular intervals