The coolest place in Tamilnadu is Ooty, which is also the number 1 hill station in Tamil Nadu, and quite favorite among travellers from Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.

And below we have shared a list of 15 coolest place in Tamilnadu, or 15 hill stations in Tamil Nadu, along with Ooty, which you can plan to visit on your next trip.

For all these 15 coolest places (Tamil Nadu Hill stations), we have shared details like, what places you can see there, weather in these hill stations from October to February, few good hotels/resorts here, how you can reach here etc.

So have a look at these details and feel free to ask us anything by dropping us a mail.

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1. Ooty

Ooty Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

Every tourist wants to see the wondrous magic of mountains and valleys in Ooty. It’s rightly called the Queen of Hills, and people also call it Udhagamandalam.

Ooty is a hill station & coolest place in Tamilnadu, situated at a height of 2240 meters. Here you will find lakes for boating, and tea gardens where you can just stroll among the garden paths and smell the invigorating aromas of fresh tea.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which goes through scary bends on the mountain slopes, is the best way to see the panoramic landscapes of Ooty.

Temperature of Ooty from October to February

Winter temperatures in Ooty hover between 5 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius, making it the coolest place in Tamilnadu.

Best places to see in Ooty & nearby

  • Rose Garden
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Pykara Lake
  • Botanical Garden
  • Madumalai National Park
  • Ooty Lake
  • Tea Museum
  • Deer Park
  • Avalanche Lake

Best time to visit Ooty

You can visit Ooty throughout the year, but it’s best to visit during the months of October to February. Days are sunny and night temperatures can drop to 5 degree Celsius.

Summer months of March to June are also good, as daytime temperatures are not too high. June till September is the rainy season, when fresh monsoon breeze brings calmness to the weather.

Best hotels/resorts in Ooty

Ooty brings many tourists year round, and there are many hotels and resorts in and around Ooty, which offer comfortable stay, tasty food, besides a number of other amenities.

Some of the best hotels in Ooty are:

  • Mount ‘n’ Mist
  • Hotel Lakeview
  • Delightz Inn
  • Sterling Ooty Fern Hill
  • La Flora Amberley Resort

How to reach Ooty

Nearest train station is Metupalaiyam Railway Station, 46 km away. Nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport, which is 91 km away from Ooty.

2. Kodaikanal

kodaikanal tamil nadu view

Picture yourself a landscape full of misty mountain tops, mystic valleys, rolling pastures, and a carpet of green slopes, and you get an idea of what Kodaikanal is all about.

This hill station of Tamil Nadu is a favourite with honeymoon couples, and in the dense forests of Kodaikanal, there is ample solitude to spend time in each other’s arms.

Nestled at a height of 2133 meters above sea level & rated as the 2nd coolest place in Tamilnadu

At Kodaikanal you can enjoy some breathtaking treks if you are adventure lovers, or plan a more relaxed time, as there are lakes and parks here.

Temperature of Kodaikanal from October to February

20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Kodaikanal & nearby

  • Kodai Lake
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Coaker’s Walk
  • Berijam Lake
  • Bryant Park
  • Silver Cascade Falls
  • Dolphins Nose
  • Kodaikanal Pine Forest
  • Kukkal Caves
  • Bear Shola Falls

Best time to visit Kodaikanal

Winters, from October to February is the best time to visit Kodaikanal. March to June is also best to tour Kodaikanal, as summer temperatures rarely go beyond 30 degree Celsius. You can go in the monsoons too, but rainfall will not let you go outdoors to view tourist places.

Best hotels/resorts in Kodaikanal

Being a top tourist destination of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal has both budget and luxury hotels and resorts, and a few best ones are mentioned below:

  • Sterling Kodai Lake
  • Villa Retreat
  • The Carlton
  • Kodai Resort
  • Le Poshe by Sparsa

How to reach Kodaikanal

Nearest airport is Madurai Airport, which is 120 km away, and nearest railway station is Kodai Road, 100 km away from Kodaikanal.

3. Coonoor

Coonoor hill station Tamil Nadu

Green hills rolling as far as the eye can see, mists hovering over the valleys, deep mystical forests teeming with wild creatures, colonial buildings with their Victorian charm… Coonoor is an apt place to describe all the above, and even more.

There are mesmerizing waterfalls in the monsoons, tea and coffee estates, where you should take a stroll to find out how your daily beverage is made, and plenty of vantage points for tourists to have a panoramic view of the Nilgiri Mountains.

Coonoor a hill station that’s close to Ooty, but has its own subtle charm that will entice you to visit it at least once in your lifetime and thus we rate it as the 3rd coolest place in Tamilnadu.

Temperature of Coonoor from October to February

10 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Coonoor & nearby

  • Sim’s Park
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Lamb’s Rock
  • Wellington
  • Droog Fort
  • Highfield Tea Estate
  • Catherine Falls
  • Law’s Falls
  • Rallia Dam
  • Lady Canning’s Seat

Best time to visit Coonoor

Winter season between October to March is the best season to visit Coonoor. July to September is also a perfect time to see the greenery of the hills. Summer is also best for sightseeing in and around Coonoor.

Best hotels/resorts in Coonoor

Best hotels in Coonoor are available for budget travellers and for luxury seekers. They offer the best amenities to tourists, and some top names are:

  • Sunvalley Homestay
  • Teanest
  • Bella Vista Stay
  • Neemrana’s – Wallwood Garden
  • Gateway Coonoor – IHCL SeleQtions

How to reach Coonoor

Closest airport to Coonoor is Coimbatore Airport, 45 km away. Mettupalayam and Coimbatore Junction are the closest railway stations to Coonoor.

4. Kotagiri

Kotagiri Hill Station Tamil Nadu

If you’ve always imagined yourself sitting by the window, sipping a cup of brewing hot coffee, and looking at a landscape of surreal imagination, then perhaps Kotagiri is the perfect hill station you might want to go.

Situated at a height of 1985 metres & rated as the 4th coolest place in Tamilnadu, Kotagiri has one of the best climates for relaxation and touring.

If you like being in the midst of lush green gardens, then go to the tea estates and you will not feel like leaving the place!!

Kotagiri is among the top hill stations of Tamil Nadu, & the sublime peace that you’ll encounter here is a precious thing you’ll take away from your vacation in Kotagiri.

Temperature of Kotagiri from October to February

Winter temperatures hover from 11 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius in Kotagiri.

Best places to see in Kotagiri & nearby

  • Catherine Falls
  • Kodanad Viewpoint
  • Elk Falls
  • Longwood Shola Forest
  • Rangaswamy Peak & Pillars
  • John Sullivan Memorial

Best time to visit Kotagiri

Just before summer starts, and in the winter months from November to December, is the best time to visit Kotagiri.

Best hotels/resorts in Kotagiri

Some of the hotels and resorts in Kotagiri are:

  • Teanest Nightingale
  • Nahar Retreat & Spa
  • Hanging Huts
  • La Maison
  • Twin Tree Kotagiri

How to reach Kotagiri

Coimbatore is the closest airport to Kotagiri and Coonoor is the nearest railway station to Kotagiri.

5. Yercaud

Yercaud Hill Station Tamil Nadu

Yercaud is one hill station of Tamil Nadu where you will wonder at the colors of nature & rated as the 5th coolest place in Tamilnadu.

There are the blue hills rolling across the vast landscapes, acres and acres of green coffee plantations, and the vast azure skies, with grey clouds hovering about like lone travellers.

Yercaud is famous for its orchards, and here you will not only find coffee estates, but orange and pear orchards. There are oak and sandalwood forests too, and teeming with wildlife.

In Yercaud, there are many viewpoints in the hills, from where you get to see fascinating panoramas open before you, and lakes and parks to just relax a bit.

Temperature of Yercaud from October to February

Winter temperatures vary from 13 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Yercaud & nearby

  • Bear’s Cave
  • Emerald Lake
  • Deer Park
  • Pagoda Point
  • Killiyur Falls
  • Anna Park
  • Botanical Farm
  • Lady’s Seat
  • Shevaroy Temple
  • Tipperary View Point
  • Silk Farm

Best time to visit Yercaud

You will get pleasant weather during October to June in Yercaud. December, January might be a bit cold, and you will have to take light woollens with you. Summers are also good for going to Yercaud.

Best hotels/resorts in Yercaud

You will find the best budget hotels and luxury resorts in Yercaud. Some of the top names are:

  • Happy Nest
  • Grand Palace Hotel and Spa Yercaud
  • Sterling Yercaud
  • The Brook Resorts & Spa
  • Cliff Resort

How to reach Yercaud

Nearest airport to Yercaud is Salem Airport, 38 km from Yercaud. Salem Railway Station is the closest railway station to Yercaud.

6. Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri Hills Hill Station Tamil Nadu

Yelagiri is a hill station of Tamil Nadu, is just the opposite of the much more popular Ooty, but the charm of Yelagiri will overwhelm you all the same.

Yelagiri is nestled in the midst of four hills, and going here is a travel experience in itself. You will have to drive up slopes of mountains, traversing as much as 14 scary hair-pin bends to reach this hill station.

But the trip is worth the drive, and you go past rustic villages, green fields, valleys, and fruit orchards. Yelagiri is home to tribals since centuries, and if you like trekking, there are many trekking routes to go explore the forests.

Temperature of Yelagiri from October to February

As Yelagiri is a hill station, climate is mostly cool. Winter temperatures are between 12 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Yelagiri & nearby

  • Panganur Lake
  • Jalagamparai Falls
  • Nature Park
  • Velavan Temple
  • Nilavoor Lake
  • Amirthi Zoological Waterfalls
  • Government Herbal Park

Best time to visit Yelegiri

November to February is the best time to go to Yelagiri.

Best hotels/resorts in Yelagiri

You will get to stay in good quality hotels and resorts in Yelagiri, such as:

  • Hotel Landmark
  • Sterling Yelagiri
  • AGS Holiday Resorts, Yelagiri
  • Cloud9 Resort by Rai Hospitality & Resorts
  • Kumararraja Palace Yelagiri

How to reach Yelagiri

Bengaluru Airport, 191 km away, is the nearest airport to Yelagiri, and Jolarpettai Railway Station is the closest railway station, 19 km away.

7. Valparai

Valparai Hill Station Tamil Nadu

If you want to visit a place that’s totally surrounded by forests, then you must head to Valparai, one of Tamil Nadu’s most spectacular hill stations.

Valparai is surrounded on all sides by tropical evergreen forests, and there are famous national parks in this region to spot varied types of animals and birds.

Valparai is situated at an elevation of 1500 meters, on the Anamalai Hills. Its unpolluted air, plenty of greenery, and a cool climate is just the reason why it’s among the best hill stations in Tamil Nadu.

You must go to the tea and coffee plantations in Valparai, and for trekkers, the hills promise a bounty of wild trails and treks.

Temperature of Ooty from October to February

Winter temperatures in Valparai are between 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius & thats why its ranked as a coolest place in Tamilnadu.

Best places to see in Valparai & nearby

  • Sholayar Dam
  • Aaliyar Dam
  • Monkey Falls
  • Loam’s View Point
  • Grass Hills
  • Nirar Dam
  • Tiger Valley
  • Athirapally Falls

Best time to visit Valparai

December and January are best to tour Valparai. September to March overall is best time to visit Valparai.

Best hotels/resorts in Valparai

You will find many hotels, resorts, private bungalows, home stays, cottages to stay in Valparai. Some of the best are:

  • Petra Family Guest House
  • Hotel Saravana Grand
  • Stanmore Bungalow
  • Briar Tea Bungalows – Valparai
  • Hotel Holiday Break

How to reach Valparai

Coimbatore (220 km) is the nearest airport to Valparai, and Pollachi is the nearest railway station, 64 km away from Valparai.

8. Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills Tamil Nadu

You might not have heard about this hill station of Tamil Nadu, but Kolli Hills is all about untouched beauty of nature. It’s hidden from the radar of most tourists, and this is what makes it more tempting.

Kolli Hills at an altitude of 1300 metres, and going to Kolli Hills is an adventure in itself. You will have to go through as many as 70 jaw dropping bends and curves, and the scenic beauty of this trip most wonderful experience for any tourist.

Kolli hills are covered in evergreen forests, and there are many creatures to be seen. You can go trekking too, and also opt to stroll in the fruit orchards or coffee plantations here.

Temperature of Kolli Hills from October to February

During the winters, temperatures can be from 20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Kolli Hills & nearby

  • Arapaleeswarar Temple
  • Ettukai Amman Temple
  • Agasagangai waterfalls
  • Botanical Garden
  • Siddha Caves
  • Rock Pillar Viewpoint
  • Vasalurpatty Boat House
  • Tampcol Medicinal Farm

Best time to visit Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills is a hill station that enjoys pleasant weather all-round the year. However, February to December is best to visit Kolli Hills.

Best hotels/resorts in Kolli Hills

  • Silverline Retreat Hotel
  • Nallathambi Resort
  • Hotel Green Ridge
  • Ulo Rejoice Villa Resorts
  • Nala Hotels

How to reach Kolli Hils

Trichy is the nearest airport, which is 133 km from Kolli Hills. Salem is the nearest railway station to Kolli Hills. It’s 90 km from Kolli Hills.

9. Velliangiri Hills

Velliangiri Hills Tamil Nadu

This hill station of Tamil Nadu, at an altitude of 2438 metres, is the best places to see the Western Ghats. It’s close to Coimbatore, and there are several viewpoints from where you will see the pinnacles of mountains covered in mists.

An ancient Shiva Temple is famous here, and it’s a religious hotspot for pilgrims. Even sages sit deep in the forests meditating in solitude. But, the tropical forests here are teeming with wildlife, and if you are lucky, you might just see a snake slither by, or a grazing deer among the trees.

Many adventurous souls do trekking on the mountains here, and this place also is a tribal land, and it’s their original place.

Temperature of Velliangiri Hills from October to February

Velliangiri is one of the coolest place in Tamilnadu, as temperatures rarely go beyond 30 degree Celsius. Average temperatures during winters are between 12 to 25 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Velliangiri Hills & nearby

  • Velliangiri Sivan Temple
  • Siruvani Dam
  • Kovai Kutralam Water Falls
  • Silent Valley National Park
  • Dhoni Waterfalls
  • Palakkad Fort
  • Gass Forest Museum
  • 112 Feet Adiyogi

Best time to visit Velliangiri Hills

October to March is the best time to visit Velliangiri Hills. If you are a religious person, go there at the time of Mahashivratri.

Best hotels/resorts in Velliangiri Hills

While you will find most hotels in Coimbatore, there are some fine hotels to stay close to Velliangiri Hills. These are:

  • Hotel Vaidurya
  • Legend’s Inn
  • The Grand Regent
  • Hotel Rathna Residency
  • Grand Plaza

How to reach Velliangiri Hills

Coimbatore is the closest railway station and airport, just 30 km away.

10. Anamalai Hills

Anamalai Hills Tamil Nadu

Anamalai Hills, It’s very name means Elephant Hills, and true to its name, you will find herds of wild elephants bathing in the forest streams, or grazing among the tall grass.

Anamalai Hills has some of the highest peaks in South India & the wildlife here is breathtaking. You will find Black Panthers, Leopards, Gaur and many other species in the tropical jungles here.

Anamalai Hills is where you will also see coffee and tea gardens, and you might even go to one and taste freshly brewed tea/coffee. Dense forests, enchanting scenic landscapes, rolling carpets of green on the hills, makes Anamalai Hills one of the most perfect hill stations of Tamil Nadu & 10th ranked coolest place in Tamilnadu.

Temperature of Anamalai Hills from October to February

Winter temperatures range from 19 to 24 degree Celsius, & one of the best coolest place in Tamilnadu.

Best places to see in Anamalai Hills & nearby

  • Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Monkey Falls
  • Aliyar
  • Amaravati Crocodile Breeding Centre
  • Attakatti
  • Mirar
  • Kullipatti
  • Manompally
  • Chinnar
  • Varagaliar
  • Manjampatty

Best time to visit Anamalai Hills

Rainy season between June to August, and the winter months between October to February is the best season to visit Anamalai Hills.

Best hotels/resorts in Anamalai Hills

  • Coimbatore and Pollachi is where you will find most hotels to stay. But, you will also find some hotels close to Anamakali Hills, and we have given a few names below:
  • Green Hill Hotel
  • Hotel Holiday Break
  • Stanmore Garden Bunglow
  • Puthuthottam Annexe
  • Good Luck Home Stay

How to reach Anamalai Hills

Coimbatore, 125 km away, is the nearest airport and Pollachi, 70 km away, is the nearest railway station to Anamalai Hills.

11. Meghamalai

Meghamalai Hill Station Tamil Nadu

Meghamalai is quite a thrill to visit unexplored places, and its just one of these unheard of hill stations of Tamil Nadu. Its beauty lies hidden under the thick forests of the Western Ghats.

Exploring these dense tropical forests is an adventure in itself, and you may just come face to face with a Giant Squirrel or see fluttering butterflies in the bushes.

There are a lot more creatures hidden in the foliage, and if you like waterfalls, then come here during monsoons. If you like trekking, then the tea estates are the best places, and if you like to have more rustic outings, then just walk on the dusty mountain paths and you will have satiated your wanderlust.

Temperature of Meghamalai from October to February

In winter, temperatures range from 21 to 33 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Meghamalai & nearby

  • Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Meghamalai Falls
  • Vellamalai
  • Maharajamettu View Point
  • Dams (Thoovanam Dam, Thekkady Dam, Manalar Dam, Iravangalar Dam, Vanniar Dam)
  • Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Cinnamon Estates

Best time to visit Meghamalai

Winter season (October to February) is the best time to visit Meghamalai. Climate is cool and sunny days make it perfect for sightseeing.

Best hotels/resorts in Meghamalai

Most hotels are situated at Thekkady in Kerala. The best of them are:

  • Forest Canopy
  • The Elephant Court
  • Wood Note Thekkady
  • Cardamom County
  • Spice Village

How to reach Meghamalai

Madurai is the nearest airport and railway station, 118 km away from Meghamalai.

12. Javadi Hills

Javadi Hills Tamil Nadu

If you think all the hill stations of Tamil Nadu are on the Western Ghats, then think again!!

The eastern part of Tamil Nadu, where you find the Eastern Ghats, is just as spectacular as those of the Western Ghats, and here there are hill stations unheard of, like Javadi Hills. Malayali tribes have been living here since time immemorial, and the entire region is full of river streams and forested hills.

You will finding many trekking trails in the hills, and abundant wildlife hiding under the cover of thick forests.

There are many lakes and waterfalls, and many vantage points to look out for picturesque panoramas.

Temperature of Javadi Hills from October to February

Average temperatures range between 23 to 32 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Javadi Hills & nearby

  • Beemanmadavu Waterfall
  • Amrithi Forest
  • Kavalur Observatory
  • Komutteri Lake
  • Yelagiri

Best time to visit Javadi Hills

Javadi Hills is a year round destination, but March to May is the best season to visit.

Best hotels/resorts in Javadi Hills

  • Hotel Landmark Yelagiri
  • Woodside Hotel
  • Hotel Hills
  • Dolphin Resorts
  • Vijay Residency

How to reach Javadi Hills

Chennai, 206 km away, is the nearest airport, and Katpadi, 60 km away, is the closest railway station to Javadi Hills.

13. Sirumalai

Sirumalai Hill Station Tamil Nadu

If you haven’t heard of Sirumalai, you are not alone!! This is one unheard of hill station of Tamil Nadu, which is perched up on lofty mountains, at an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level, in the Eastern Ghats, making it one of the coolest place in Tamilnadu.

Prepare to drive through scary hairpin bends and past some of the most wonderful landscapes you will ever see in Tamil Nadu. You will see those misty mountains you only must have seen in wallpapers or on television.

These are the ideal habitats for wild animals and there are many vantage points to look out for once you are on this hill station. Unspoilt greenery, freshness of the air, enchanting mountainous paths, and lush green forests, you will see them all in Sirumalai.

Temperature of Sirumalai from October to February

Winter temperatures range from 16 to 32 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Sirumalai & nearby

  • Sirumalai Lake
  • Sanjeevani Hills
  • Annai Velankanni Church
  • Observation Tower
  • Saathiyar Basin
  • Khandige Estate
  • Vellimalai Murugan Temple
  • Silver Hills
  • Selvi Koil Point
  • Agastya Puram

Best time to visit Sirumalai

Winter months between October to February/March is the best time to visit Sirumalai.

Best hotels/resorts in Sirumalai

Madurai is where you will find most hotels to stay near Sirumalai. Dindigul is also great for stay. Some of the best of them are:

  • Vivera Grande, Dindigul
  • Heritage Madurai
  • Hotel Vales Park
  • Cardamom House, Dindigul
  • Kadambavanam Ethnic Resort, Madurai

How to reach Sirumalai

Madurai is the nearest airport, and Kodaikanal Road railway station is the nearest railway station to Sirumalai.

14. Topslip

Topslip Hill Station Tamil Nadu

The sublime beauty of Western Ghats can be seen from innumerable hill stations in the state of Tamil Nadu & Topslip is one of those top hill stations of Tamil Nadu to see this wild beauty of nature’s bounty.

Boundless expanses of lush green rainforests teeming with amazing wildlife, gurgling river streams winding through the hills, picturesque valleys are all around you to see and wonder at the nature’s vast wealth that Topslip is blessed with.

Wildlife sanctuaries are the best places here to visit, and you can trek on the hills and observe the rich birdlife as well.

It’s a tourist hot favourite hill station, and one that will leave you awestruck with its rich biodiversity of creatures & thus we ranked it as one of the coolest place in Tamilnadu.

Temperature of Topslip from October to February

Temperatures during winters range from 16 to 22 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Topslip & nearby

  • Anamalai Tiger Reserve
  • Monkey Falls
  • Loam’s View Point
  • Siruvani Falls
  • Pykara Waterfalls
  • Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
  • Eravikulam National Park
  • Madumalai National Park
  • Catherine Waterfalls
  • Wenlock Downs

Best time to visit Topslip

November to April is the best time to visit Topslip

Best hotels/resorts in Topslip

The town of Pollachi, close to Topslip, is where you will find decent hotels to stay. You will also find resorts at the boundaries of wildlife sanctuaries. Some top ones are:

  • Great Mount Coco Lagoon
  • Cotsvilla Resort
  • Tiger Hills Resort
  • Western Ghats Villas
  • Wild County Resort

How to reach Topslip

Coimbatore is the nearest railway station and airport to Topslip, 60 kms away.

15. Manjolai Hills

Manjolai Hills Tamil Nadu

And last entry in our list of coolest places in Tamilnadu, we present Manjolai Hills.

Nature has blessed Tamil Nadu with some breath-taking hill stations, and Manjolai Hills is certainly among the top ones to visit.

It’s at an altitude of 1500 metres, amidst some of the most spectacular tea estates & here, hills are covered with forests and in most cases, where you will see acres of tea gardens.

A quiet walk on the winding paths is a must-do activity, but even more thrilling are the views from some vantage points on this hill station.

The forests in the winters are covered in fog, and it’s the best time for honeymoon couples to visit Manjolai Hills.

Temperature of Manjolai Hills from October to February

Temperatures during winter range between 10 to 20 degree Celsius.

Best places to see in Manjolai Hills & nearby

  • Upper Kodaiyar Dam
  • Kuthiravetti viewpoint
  • Dasan Pool
  • Kuttiyar Dam
  • Kakkachi Lake
  • Manimuthar Tea Estate
  • Kuthiravetti
  • Nalumukku
  • Manjolai Tea Estate
  • Banatheertham Falls
  • Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

Best time to visit Manjolai Hills

November to March is the best time to visit Manjolai Hills

Best hotels/resorts in Manjolai Hills

Though Manjolai Hills does not have hotels or restaurants, you will find guest houses by Tamil Nadu State Tourism. Tirunelveli is a major city nearby which has many hotels to stay.

  • Singampatty Zamin Palace Guest House
  • Baskar Lodge
  • Hotel Appletree
  • Thamirabarani Lodge
  • Hotel Gowri Sankar

How to reach Manjolai Hills

Turicorin Airport, Thiruvananthapuram Airport are close to Manjolai Hills. Nearest railway station is Tirunelveli Junction Railway Station, 63 km away.


1. Which is the coolest place in tamilnadu during summer?
Answer: Ooty, as weather here in summer is around, 34° degree maximum and 23° minimum, in the month of June.

2. How is the weather in Ooty, all year around?
Answer: Have a look at this Ooty weather chart.

MonthsHigh °CLow °C

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