The southern part of Indian peninsula is where you will find the most picturesque mountain ranges.

From the evergreen Western Ghats in Kerala, and the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, to the hill ranges of the Eastern Ghats, South India has some of the highest mountain peaks in India.

The state of Tamil Nadu itself has misty mountain peaks, which soar over the landscape, to mesmerize travelers with their gorgeous sights.

Not only in Tamil Nadu, the whole of Southern India has beautiful hill stations and impressive mountain peaks.

Let’s have a look at some of the highest peaks of southern India.

And in this article, we have shared Top 10 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu and Southern India

1. Doddabetta Peak

#1 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu.

highest peaks in Tamil Nadu

Doddabetta Peak in Ooty

  • Height: 8650 feet
  • Location: Ooty, Udagamandalam, Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

Situated in the Nilgiris, Doddabetta Peak is onr of the highest peaks in Tamil Nadu. It soars 8,650 feet (2,637 metres) above sea level, and is close to the famous hill station of Ooty.

From the top, you can have unobstructed views of the forests of Bandipur National Park, and also parts of Mysore.

The rugged mountainous terrain and thickly forested slopes makes it one of the best mountain peaks for trekking.

How to reach Doddabetta Peak from Ooty

Doddabetta Peak is located 9 km from Ooty, on the Ooty Kotagiri road, and to reach here you can hire a taxi or use local bus.

Trekking time at Doddabetta Peak is from 9 am to 6:30 am and there is also a small entry fees of Rs 6 per person & Rs 5 for kids. And around Rs 10 to 50 for cameras.

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2. Kolaribetta Peak

#2 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu.

highest peaks in Tamil Nadu

Kolaribetta Peak Tamil Nadu

  • Height: 8629 feet
  • Location: near Ooty, Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

The second highest peaks of the Nilgiris, Kolaribetta is situated in Tamil Nadu, close to Ooty.

With a height of 8,629 feet (2,630 metres), this mountain is home to lush green tropical forests, and spectacular wildlife.

An ascent to the top gives you stunning landscape views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

How to reach Kolaribetta Peak from Ooty:

From Ooty, Kolaribetta Peak trek is 28 km away & the fastest way to to hire a local taxi. A small entry fees of Rs 5 per person is required here.

3. Mukurthi Peak

#3 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu.

mukurthi peak TN

  • Height: 8304 feet
  • Location: near Ooty, Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

Another spectacular & highest peaks in Tamil Nadu, Mukurthi Peak stands tall at a height of 8,304 feet (2,554 metres) above sea level. It’s situated in the Nilgiri forests, close to Ooty.

Being part of the Mukurthi National Park, the mountain is home to fascinating wildlife such as the Nilgiri Tahr and Nilgiri Marten.

There are thick shola forests, and rolling grasslands.

How to reach Mukurthi Peak from Ooty:

Mukurthi Peak is 45 km west from Ooty, and you can reach here via a private cab, or can ask the local government bus, if they drive here.

Plus you can also plan to visit New Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary, which isn’t far from here.

4. Vandaravu Peak

#4 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu.

Vandaravu Peak Tamil Nadu

  • Height: 8310 Feet
  • Location: Palani hills, Tamil Nadu

This mountain is near the border with Kerala. It’s 8,310 feet (2,533 metres) high and one of the highest peaks in Tamil Nadu.

A trek to this mountain will show you pristine natural beauty of coffee plantations, dense tropical forests, cascading waterfalls and serene valleys.

It lies in the Western Ghats. It is close to the hill stations of Munnar and Kodaikanal.

How to reach Vandaravu Peak:

To reach  the mountain peak of Vandaravu, you can book a taxi from Munnar, Kerala as its 45 km west from here.

Plus, Kurangani Hills Trekking is 18 km walking distance from as (but more than 100 km if you choose to reach here via road).

And you should also visit Pampadum Shola National Park which is an 8 km trek from Vandaravu Peak point.

5. Perumal Peak

#5 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu & southern India

Perumal Peak Kodaikanal TN

  • Height: 8010 Feet
  • Location: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

This peak lies in the Western Ghats, in the picturesque Kodaikanal hill station of Tamil Nadu. It is at an elevation of 8,010 feet (2,440 metres), and gives the best views of the Nilgiri hills.

The mountain is a well known sightseeing point of Kodaikanal, and suited for beginners as well as experienced mountain trekkers.

For those who want to pitch a tent in the open outdoors, this mountain has many places to go camping in the wilderness.

How to reach Perumal Peak from Kodaiknal:

From Kodaikanal, reach Perumal Malai village, 11 km away & you can trek up the Perumal Peak mountain from the village. Plus, you can plan a tour to Palani Hills National park from here.

6. Velliangiri Mountains

#6 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu & southern India

Velliangiri Mountains Coimbatore TN

  • Height: 5833 Feet
  • Location: Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu

Situated in Tamil Nadu, Velliangiri Mountains are immensely sacred, and are famous for its pilgrimage to the temple of Lord Shiva on top of this mountain.

At a height of 5,833 feet (1,778 metres), a trek to this mountain is a memorable experience.

One can see the spectacular greenery and mountainous regions of Western Ghats from this mountain peak. The mountain is part of the Sapthagiri Hills, or seven hills.

Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can see sweeping views of Coimbatore and its surrounding areas.

How to reach Velliangiri Mountains from Coimbatore:

From Coimbatore, buses go to Velliangiri Mountains.

The distance from Velliangiri Mountains to Coimbatore is 40 km east and you can also visit the famous Velliangiri Sivan Temple.

Other hill stations in Southern India

7. Mahendragiri

#7 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu & southern India

Mahendragiri Peak Gajapati Odisha

  • Height: 5427 Feet
  • Location: Gajapati, Odisha

This mountain peak lies at the southernmost part of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, with the border with Kerala.

With a height of 5,427 feet (1,654 metres), Mahendragiri is a sacred mountain that finds mention even in the Valmiki Ramayana.

The mountain trek is similar to a pilgrimage, and gives you fascinating views of the regions below.

It has become famous for the test site of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

How to reach: From Tirunelveli, you can drive to Mahendragiri, and trek to the mountain.

8. Ambukuthi Mala

#8 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu & southern India

Ambukuthi mala, Wayanad, Kerala

  • Height: Around 3280 feet
  • Location: Wayanad, Kerala

Situated in Wayanad in Kerala, Ambakuthimala is a mountain that contains Stone Age caves with traces of Neolithic civilization evident in the drawings.

A trek to the top (1000 metres) of the mountain is a thrilling adventure, and the mountain itself is one of the most scenic sightseeing places to see in Wayanad.

From the top, one can get panoramic views of green forests of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

How to reach: Reach Sultan Bathery, 12 km away in Wayanad. Go trekking from there.

9. Ranipuram Mountain

#9 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu & southern India

Ranipuram Kasarkod Kerala

  • Height: Around 2460 feet
  • Location: Kasarkod, Kerala

Situated in northern Kerala, on the border with Karnataka, Ranipuram is a mountain that is famous for its trekking trails.

One can encounter wildlife too, during these treks, and spot wild animals in the Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary.

You will come across mountain streams, with elephants bathing in its waters, and it’s a good opportunity for photographers to take their cameras and shoot spectacular wildlife images.

It is at an altitude of 2,460 feet (1022 metres) above sea level.

How to reach: From Kanhangad Railway station, 55 km away, you can take a taxi or bus to Panathur. A jeep from here will take you to Ranipuram. You can trek from here.

10. Anamudi Peak, Kerala

#10 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu & southern India

Anamudi Peak Kerala

  • Height: Around 8842 feet
  • Location: Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala

The highest peak of the Western Ghats in South India, Anamudi is in Kerala.

It has an altitude of 8,842 feet (2,695 metres) above sea level, and is a major mountain peak of southern India.

Anamudi is also known as “Himalayas of the South India”.

It forms a major tourist attraction of Munnar hill station of Kerala, and is abundant in wildlife of Eravikulam National Park.

How to reach: Transport is available from Munnar to reach Eravikulam National Park. The peak is inside the park itself.